Monday, April 11, 2016

There Will Be Radiohead

I feel kind of bad spreading this news since it was clearly not supposed to get out and clearly they wanted to surprise and delight us, but I'm so tired of every day for the past few months passing without the new Radiohead album dropping (it's been "imminent" for at least that long) that I can't quite muster the energy to be resolute -- word's gotten out that Paul Thomas Anderson has directed the first video for their new album. Wheeeee!!!

A comedian dropped the news on a podcast (that has since been deleted because she'd signed a nondisclosure, whoops) that Anderson and the band used her house for the filming. I wish that we knew WHEN this filming happened - if it was two days ago then we've probably got a bit to wait; if it was a month ago, probably less. Anderson's been connected to the band for awhile, seeing that Jonny Greenwood has scored his last two films. Anyway this is something rather exciting for our future, folks!

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