Friday, April 08, 2016

Quote of the Week

"Nobody sends a bad dick pic. There’s always like 
a full photo shoot, like a four-hour photo shoot with filters."

I think that, as I head out to this weekend here, leaving you with the image of Chris Evans taking pictures of his dick for four hours straight is probably the greatest gift I can give anyone, ever, in history, or ever. So leave you with that quote (which comes via a podcast interview with Anna Faris, of all places) I shall. 

Have a happy weekend, perverts!


Adam said...

We've already seen his brother's dick pics. I can't imagine it's too far off.

Anonymous said...

lol resorting to posting photoshopped pics now? get some air henny

Anonymous said...

Yeah this is sadly photoshopped. If you look at his head, it's nothing like the rest of the image.

JA said...

Yes guys I was fully aware it was photo-shopped, it is horribly obviously photo-shopped, which made me laugh - remember laughter?

Glenn said...

Well he's definitely not gay, then. If he were he would know that there most definitely are bad dick pics. Of course, the people sending them don't *know* it (somehow).