Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Michiel Huisman Eight Times

This is the answer to "You know that A Game of Thrones is coming back soon when...?" -- Michiel Huisman's got a couple of new photo-shoots out (one via here, thanks Mac, the other ones off Tumblr somewhere I don't know I didn't save the link) and the world heaves our collective sighs of lust and release. Funny enough until just now when I looked it up I had no idea Thrones was back this weekend! So it literally was Michiel's bosom that alerted me. Oh that all such news came such ways. Okay hit the jump for the rest...


Rick Schoen said...

Season 6 of Game of Thrones begins on Sunday, April 24.

JA said...

Good grief, I even googled that! Some website that I can't remember where lied to me. The internet (and I include myself here, obviously) is a lying dumpster. :(

Thanks Rick