Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Let's All Be Adults Again

This makes me happier than seeing a single mother with so much confidence on stage - the team being 2011's brilliantly caustic Young Adult - director Jason Reitman & writer Diablo Cody & star Charlize Theron - are teaming up to make a new movie! Granted I might be more excited if Reitman & Cody's other work since Young Adult hadn't all been crud, but we're hoping their reunion sparks ye olde spark again. Says Deadline:

"Now they are early stage talks to team again in Cody’s latest script that Reitman will direct, which doesn’t have a title. All I know is it’s about motherhood."
I would like this to be a straight-up sequel to Young Adult and to be about Mavis Gary getting pregnant, please. CAN YOU IMAGINE??? The horror, the horror.

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