Thursday, April 14, 2016

Jonathan Tucker Is My Religion

Well we've been calling Jonathan Tucker an American God for awhile now, so it only seems fitting that he's the latest name, face, and body (did I mention body?) added to the roster of Bryan Fuller's TV adaptation of Neil Gaiman's book. YES PLEASE. And the part he's playing couldn't be any more perfect for him, so much so that I'm ashamed of myself for not having suggested it already - he's playing Low Key Lyesmith (beware story spoilers at that link), aka Loki the Norse trickster God. Just perfect perfect casting, that, I full expect to be delighted. This isn't the first time Tucker's worked with Fuller - he had that short but memorable, very very memorable, stint on Hannibal a couple years back. We're hooked like a Jonas Brother.

Oh and also joining the cast, besides Tucker, 
is Crispin fuckin' Glover. I mean, my god. My gods!

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Anonymous said...

I've never seen abs that look like they're made of wax before. Weird.