Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Ioan Gets Real

Just last night I found myself googling the phrase "when does UnREAL return for second season" (the answer is June 6th) and here we are today with exciting new news -- Horatio Hornblower himself Ioan Gruffudd has just been added to the cast! I kind of figured they'd already filmed most of the 2nd season, but who am I to second-guess trashy genius? Says Variety:

"The “Forever” and “Fantastic Four” alum will play a tech billionaire by the name of John Booth, who sets his sights on Quinn King (Constance Zimmer). The recurring character is described as ruggedly handsome, optimistic and curious with the breezy demeanor of a man who owns the world. He’s quick minded, adventurous, has a good sense of humor, and no challenge is too huge for him."

Well that sounds like a stretch for Ioan, he's never played a character like that before. Anyway this news will probably make my boyfriend irritable (he doesn't like Ioan) but I think he'll make a fine fit for the show, and I don't just say that because I'm hoping they find a way for him and twink-straordinaire Freddie Stroma to make out, or more. (Not just, anyway.)

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