Monday, April 25, 2016

Hemsworth Generations

We already know Chris Hemsworth looks like that (although you know, HI CHRIS), and we already know that his brothers are right proper hot balls of hotness themselves, but it's news to me (and shouldn't have been) that Papa Hemsworth, the seed that planted all of these big beautiful beef-stalks in the first place, well... it shows.

The blood-line is strong! (pics via) I'm not sure how old Mr. Craig Hemsworth is but since his sons are in their late 20s to mid 30s I'm guessing he's late 50s? Maybe even 60-ish? Damn them's some genes.

Anyway did any of you go see the new Hunstman movie? Judging by its box office... probably not. I mean why buy the cow if the milk's for free, and if you hit the jump we'll milk Chris some more...


Steven said...

That last shot gives new meaning to the word "gratuitous"


why i gotta choose? Papa Craig is looking AWESOME for his presumed age.

Anonymous said...

Can you photoshop a picture where Papa Hemsworth is fucking Chris? Thanks.