Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Harold Lloyd Six Times


Silent film comedian Harold Lloyd was born on this day 113 years ago. Out of all the silent film comedians he doesn't get his due these days -- I mean listen to this passage from his IMDb biography:

"Wildly superstitious, he engaged in strict rituals about dressing himself, leaving through the same doors as he entered, and expected his chauffeurs to know which streets were unlucky to traverse. As his finances improved with age he happily indulged himself with a myriad of hobbies that would include breeding Great Danes, amassing cars, bowling, photography, womanizing, and high-fidelity stereo systems. He was open minded about homosexuals while being practically Victorian in his ideas about raising his daughters. He had an enormous libido and rumors abounded about illegitimate children and according to Roach, chronic bouts with VD. Most traumatically, he suffered the loss of his right thumb and forefinger in an accidental prop bomb explosion on August 14, 1919, just as his career was starting to take off. Lloyd would go to great lengths to hide his disability, spending thousands on flesh-colored prosthetic gloves and hiding his right hand whenever knowingly photographed, even long after his career ended."

You can see his fake hand in that picture above pretty clearly. 
(And that's not all you can see in that picture pretty clearly.)

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verbocity said...

note that his right hand--in the one photo it is visible--is a prosthetic.

he lost the thumb and index finger of that hand when he lit the one real bomb in a box of prop bombs.

he did all that hanging and climbing stunt work with an incomplete hand.