Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Great Moments In Movie Shelves #66

I didn't much talk about performances in my review of Karyn Kusama's new thriller The Invitation earlier today, but if I had you'd have heard me express some surprise that Logan Marshall-Green - who's never left much of an impression on me save being very attractive - is actually very good in the film. Very good. 

Anyway seeing him still always makes me think of Ridley Scott's film Prometheus - in which he is very attractive but leaves little impression - and from there I remembered the scene where we see Charlize Theron's library...

... and how all of her books are turned backwards! 
What the living fuck is that all about anyway?

I suppose it's meant to be a "profound" statement about her character's rejection of actual qualitative knowledge for more superficial concerns? But really it just makes me root for a giant metal doughnut to roll over her, which thankfully totally happens. You had it coming, book turner.

PS - Happy National Library Workers Day!

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