Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Good Morning, World

This morning we're wishing a very happy 45th birthday to Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Nicholas Brendon, aka the human, Xandery portion of the Scoobs, aka the ex Mr. Anya. (Oh, Anya.) I don't watch Criminal Minds so I didn't know he was on Criminal Minds for several years but seeing that on his filmography made me glad that he's had at least one steady job post-Buffy -- all you ever hear is about his problems with substance abuse (his showdown with Dr. Phil!)

These gifs are from some 2006 TV movie called Relative Chaos, about a family reunion that doubles as some sort of crazy family competition or something, I don't know and please don't make me describe the plot any more than that.Anyway don't you feel as if it's time for a Buffy reunion? I feel like it's time (past time) for a Buffy reunion. You guys aren't busy. Even Joss isn't busy, for god's sake.

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Simon said...

Good post. Xander was always my fave ever since his front of the class underwear scene in Buffy season 1 ep Nightmares. It's been quite the Buffy week for me starting with Drusilla herself following me on Twitter, apparently she follows random regulars like myself, who knew?