Friday, April 01, 2016

Good Morning, Oyelowo

I shouldn't be surprised that I keep being able to find new scenes where David Oyelowo took his clothes off in his career whenever the moment arrives for such things (see previous examples here and here) but I always am because he feels like a fresh presence in our movie-going lives... and yet, like most actors of color, he's been toiling away at it in smaller roles for a very long time. He's been working for 18 years! Well I'm glad he's finally found success, because dude has got it.

And by it I don't exclusively mean a gorgeous face with abs to match, but neither of those things are precisely hurting my affections either. These shots are from a 2009 TV movie called Small Island, a WWII era love story starring him and Naomie Harris (not to mention a snotty looking Ruth Wilson). Has anyone seen it? It seems fairly obscure but I guess if you're British (it aired on the Beeb) you might've. Okay anyway it is his 40th birthday today, so hit the jump for a bit of his birthday suit...


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