Thursday, April 21, 2016

Good Morning (And Hot Damn), Hugh Dancy

Well somebody's been doing some push-ups. This is Hugh on his new show for Hulu called The Path, about which I have only heard good things but have yet to watch any because oh my god who has the time to do anything??? Ahem. Sorry that's my "barrelling towards the end of a film festival desperation" talking. Anyway have any of you found time for The Path? What are your thoughts? Besides the requisite "Hot Damn, Hugh Dancy" of course.


Sherri P. said...

Yes indeed, Mr. Dancy has been going to the gym, which we need to see for science reasons.

The Path is good and getting better. You should watch it.

The Bloody Munchkin said...

I have not seen the Path but my other thought about The Path besides "Hot Damn Mr. Dancy" was "Hot Damn Aaron Paul".

Curtis said...

"The Path is good and getting better."

I have to disagree. The pilot is really interesting/bizarre, but the following episodes are just full of so many cliches that I finally had to quit after episode three. Also, they show boobs, but have had zero male nudity (as of yet). But on the plus side, the show did introduce me to the beautiful Kyle Allen.