Monday, April 11, 2016

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Patric: This never fucking happened, 
so don't go telling tales 'cause we'll be watching you. 
At work, when you sleep, when you have a piss, 
we'll be watching. All the *fucking* time. 
Theodore: Jeez, your breath stinks. 
Patric: No, it doesn't. 
Theodore: Yes, it does. 

That is Charlie's worst look, right? 
Ugh, I need a palate cleaner...

Ahhh much better. Anyway Charlie's birthday was over the weekend and we could hardly let it go without comment, seeing as how he's been a big obsession of ours ever since the original Queer as Folk showed us gay living way back when. I was just now surprised to realize that he's a couple years younger than me - I thought we were the same age, but I guess I'd convinced myself of that so I didn't feel pervy lusting after him on that show. Whatever, we were close enough. It's perfectly fine foe a 21 year old to lust after a 19 year old, so stop judging me.
In related news I'd forgotten to post that, the first trailer (of sorts) for his next film, James Gray's The Lost City of Z (based on the best selling adventure book) so there that is. I was actually pretty surprised by the tone when I saw it - I was expecting something more Indiana Jones but I suppose that was silly of me to expect from gray, a man who never met a shade of mud he didn't adore. That sounds way snarkier than I intend - I look forward to this!

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