Monday, April 04, 2016

Chris Evans Eleven Times

We have just about one month to go until the premiere superhero versus superhero movie comes out (Bat-who versus Who-man?) and so Mr. American himself is beginning to make the media rounds - this collection of pictures is taken from three International sources (Vanity Fair Italia here, Men's Health Italy here, and Esquire Middle East here; thanks Mac). I do kind of hope once he brings this routine States-side he ditches all the, you know, clothes (Playgirl could really use a boost, Chris) but for now this will do.

After checking out all these shots you should then click on over to The Film Experience, where we're also talking Captain America: Civil War -- today's edition of "Beauty vs Beast" is top-lining the argument between Cappy & Iron Man so central to the film's thesis; I don't know if this collection of photographs telegraphs my personal preference to you... (It should). Hit the jump for the rest...

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