Monday, March 14, 2016

Which Is Hotter?

Even though Jamie Bell -- who's turning 30 today! Happy birthday, Jamie! -- is one of our most visually appealing actors, he's been cast repeatedly in franchises as full-CGI characters. First he was Tintin in Steven Spielberg's manic adaptation of the legendary comics, and then he was The Thing in the abysmal Fantastic Four reboot.

You know what else those movies have in common? They did terribly. (Okay Tintin did make a lot of bank worldwide but here in the US, pffffft.) Anyway I hope the lesson's been learned and all directors will now allow us to stare at Jamie properly. He was made to be stared at, people! Speaking of, hit the jump for another seventeen pictures because why not...

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Dre Brown said...

Billy Elliot is freaking 30 YEARS OLD!? Jesus, how old am I??