Friday, March 18, 2016

The Woman Shadow Wed

The gorgeous Emily Browning, who honestly only seems to get more stunning with age (I take notice of that because she's been quite stunning since childhood and sometimes these things go wrong), has just joined the cast of Bryan Fuller's adaptation of Neil Gaiman's American Gods! She's the third cast-member to sign on after the also-stunning Ricky Whittle (see how goddamned stunning here) and the professionally stunning Ian McShane. Browning will play Laura Moon, the wife of Shadow Moon, Whittle's character; here's how Deadline describes the character:

"[She] has been preparing for her husband’s pending prison release. Little does she know that she will go on an unexpected journey that leads her to an epiphany about her relationship and affords her a second chance to get things right."

I haven't followed her career terribly close (I still haven't seen Sleeping Beauty, somehow) but I've always found her likable (Sucker Punch was not her fault, you guys) and I've been waiting for Browning to tap into her clear potential. (She wasn't bad opposite Tom Hardy(s) in Legend last year; again, she wasn't the problem with that movie.) Anyway thankfully I have absolute faith in Fuller & Co giving her the material with which to do just that.

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