Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Tell Me More About Garrett Hedlund's Prick

Somehow I had completely forgotten that Cary Fukunaga was planning on making a TV adaptation of Caleb Carr's fine 1994 procedural called The Alienist for TNT, which is news that was announced way back last April -- anyway Garrett Hedlund's just been cast in the leading role, which is fine news for people who like watching fine looking people and/or thinking about fine looking people being directed by and hanging out on and off the set with fine looking directors.

Funnily enough this news is being co-reported with a snippy comment that John Michael McDonagh, the director of Alexander Skarsgard's new movie called War On Everyone, made about Hedlund (who apparently Skarsgard replaced) at SXSW. Here's the bit:

"We had another guy, but he was kind of a prick. Garrett Hedlund."

Way to name names, dude. Well his loss is Alexander Skarsgard's gain I suppose, which breaks even in my estimation, and I'm sure that Cary Fukunaga won't have any trouble dealing with Garrett Hedlund's prick, or whatever.


Adam said...

Hedlund should have won ten thousand Razzies for Pan.

Anonymous said...

it was the accent wasnt it.. it took me the first 30 mins to get over it.. then i kinda liked it. dont know its prob the good hair.. and eyes.. and smile.