Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Quote of the Day

"It's easy to read her sudden illness as a rejection of all of this as she tries to finally figure herself out, but again, Todd Haynes doesn't give us such a nice, neat little metaphorical package. We're never given any indication that Carol has an inner life or engages in soul searching whatsoever, and ultimately it's impossible to gauge her motivations. She is simply an empty vessel adrift. She was isolated in her domestic life, but she only leaves it to find herself further isolated–this time quite literally, as she takes to living in a germ-free domicile in a remote desert community of like-minded sufferers. Is she now happy? What does happiness mean to Carol White? Would she even recognize it?"

That's from Stacie Ponder's typically sharp take on Todd Haynes' film [safe] over at Final Girl - at first I was going to just post that image she snapped from the film as "Today's Mood" but I couldn't not share that quote too, because yes to all of it. But anyway yeah I need a protective body-suit and an isolated field stat. Stat!

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Rob91316 said...

One of my favorite movies of all time -- and to this day still my VERY favorite of the incomparable Julianne Moore's many, many stellar performances.