Friday, March 04, 2016

Quote of the Day

There's an interview with the director of the new horror movie The Other Side of the Door - which is kind of an Indian spin on Pet Sematary (the director himself says this) starring Sarah Wayne Callies and Jeremy Sisto as grieving parents - over at Fangoria today, but the big takeaway is actually a movie that DIDN'T happen. When asked how Door came about, Johannes says:

"It happened that one of the heads of Fox International was at Sitges when [my first film] STORAGE 24 was playing, and saw the movie there. He called up my agent and said, “I liked STORAGE, what else has he got?” and my agent said, “He’s got this really interesting story set in India that he’s just written.” And it just so happened that the main people from Fox International had just left New Regency, where they had been trying to get together a movie called SONG OF KALI, based on a Dan Simmons book, with Darren Aronofsky directing. It had almost gotten done, but it fell through, and it was a ghostly story set in Calcutta. So it was a pure, sort of charmed, crazy situation; you know, what were the odds that they’d be looking for a ghost story in India just at the time I had written one? So that fell into place, and once we got into development, it came together very quickly."

I am trying to wrap my head around a Darren Aronofsky Song of Kali movie, and it is breaking my brain, it is totally breaking my brain. Any Dan Simmons fans in the house? Although I actually prefer his book called Carrion Comfort to Kali a little bit, and speaking of -- where's our Carrion Comfort series? Some network needs to snap up the rights to that. Hey Darren Aronofsky! Ya listening?

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Marko (Polo!) said...

Not a Dan Simmons fan per se, though the majority of his novels have been either on my radar or my book shelves for a very long time. I read "Song of Kali" 12 years ago after a 7 year search to track down a copy; I think it went out of print in the early 90's. Thankfully "Kali" was reissued after he received such acclaim for Hyperion, Illium, and "The Terror". I think Darren Aronofsky is probably one of the only directors who could do "Song of Kali" justice. Provided they keep the punch-to-the-gut ending.