Wednesday, March 09, 2016

More Like Shirt-Busters Amirite

Because internationally they hate women even more than we do here in the United States -- and we sure do hate women here in the United States, so that's a whole bunch! -- the international version of the new Ghostbusters movie, which stars you know, women, features a whole heckuva lot of Chris Hemsworth in it! Way more than that first US trailer did. I ain't really complaining because heck, I like to look at Chris Hemsworth, but I do feel as if this trailer might be pushing him a little hard. 

Did I just say something about "pushing Chris Hemsworth hard"? 
Ahem. Okay I gotta go now. Here's the trailer.
And after the jump a few more Hemsworth gifs...


George G said...
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George G said...

That Ghostbusters logo they made is funnier when you think that a booby ghost already exists as a logo/icon, and one I happen to love a lot.

I imagine they put more Hemsworth in it because he's probably more well known worldwide than the SNL gals.

das buut said...

It isn't misogyny. The film just isn't funny. It's modern SNL level of humor, that isn't funny, it's bland. I like humor with an edge or unexpected. You see every joke coming or it's just awkward in a way that is stupid.

"I..." "I.." "You talk first." "No, you talk first."


Anonymous said...

He looks great in those jeans.

Glenn said...

You didn't that adorable smile he gives while on the motorbike!

Ugh, he's so damn good looking. And he's good at comedy so I'm excited to see him in this ("excited") especially with his real accent.

Anonymous said...

Funny how adding the glasses turns him into Brad Goreski...who actually seems like the real-life version of this trope, given the body he's got hidden under the glasses and the shirt.