Thursday, March 31, 2016

James Norton Is Totally Buggin'

Somebody get me on a plane to London immediately - the gorgeous James Norton is apparently starring in a stage adaptation of Tracy Letts' play Bug right now! Any of our across-the-pond readers seeing it? Bug was of course turned into a terribly disturbing flick by director William Friedkin a few years back, which starred Michael Shannon (who was also in the original staging) and Ashley Judd. 

You might also recall that Michael Shannon spent a hefty portion of that show in the buff, which gives our desire to see James Norton in it even more, you know, heft. I actually scanned through a few of the reviews to see if anybody made mention of nudity, but the closest I came was this possibly pointed use of the phrase "full frontal" from The Guardian:

"But while Norton and Fleetwood are both individually good, their relationship doesn’t have the incendiary whiff necessary for it to catch alight and make you really care about them, and Simon Evans’s revival doesn’t quite navigate the play’s full-frontal mix of alarmingly entertaining comic violence, downright weirdness and febrile emotion."


Peggy Sue said...

Love him! I'm watching him on War and Peace.

Bill Carter said...

Lots more James Norton available these days. New series of both "Happy Valley" and " Grandchester" are running in the UK. With that, and his recent turn in "War and Peace," "The Guardian" says we may be at peak Norton.