Monday, March 07, 2016

Great Moments In Movie Shelves #60

Today's entry in our "Great Moments in Movie Shelves" series is a little different, because I have no idea what movie that shot of exaggerated homosexual tonguing in front of book-shelves is from! (Dude on the left is prime, though.)

"No idea" is maybe a little strongly worded - I have a guess, but I am not entirely sure. Just a wee bit earlier I told you guys about seeing Louis Garrel at the Film Society of Lincoln Center this weekend for their "Rendezvous With French Cinema" series - well the series has a trailer and they show the trailer before every screening, so I saw it twice this weekend (I'll get to the other movie I saw later, making today All About This Series, I guess), and the above shot is edited in there. So it's one of the movies in the series, and looking through the films they're showing I've made an educated guess that it's from the film called Winter Song.

"There’s no mistaking the tone and structure of a film by the 81-year-old Georgian director Otar Iosseliani: caustic, mordant, detached, extremely funny, and dizzyingly panoramic. Like several of his earlier films, Winter Song doesn’t center on a single figure so much as a dense cluster of interrelated characters, all united by objects (an executed aristocrat’s skull), places (the apartment building where most of them live), historical events (from the French Revolution to the Russo-Georgian War), and pure coincidence. An aging upper-crust patriarch burning his letters; a tramp hoping to avoid the advances of a steamroller; an 18th-century nobleman who insists on taking his pipe to the guillotine: Winter Song is a well-stocked encyclopedia of human variety, eccentricity, and folly, elevated by an exquisite cast that include Rufus, Pierre Étaix, and Mathieu Amalric."

The military costume, the "aging upper-crust patriarch," the comedy and eccentricity, it seems to fit that shot... but I can't say for sure. Anybody know the answer? ETA Thanks to FDot for correcting us in the comments - the shot is actually from Three Sisters, the new adaptation of Chekov's play. And I think that the hot dude on the left is an actor named Eric Ruf.

Anyway here's the full trailer for the series, which runs until March 13th, and which I highly recommend if you're in town:


FDot said...

It's from Tedeschi's Three Sisters.

Jason Adams said...

Ahh yes now that I look up that film's cast and pictures I see -- there's the hot guy to the left! Now I have to figure out who he is.

Thanks, FDot :)