Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Good Morning, World

If you follow me anywhere but on this blog (places like Twitter or Facebook) then you're probably tired of hearing me talk politics - but I mostly keep MNPP itself free of that business. But what to do when one of your favorite Hairy Chests in the biz is getting on your last gosh-darn nerve with his proselytizing?

Well yeah touching yourself usually works for a second, Mark, but I'm talking long term. Then again very soon we Bernie & Hillary supporters (if you're a supporter of anyone else running for President, uh, goodbye!) are going to have to come together...

... so maybe you're onto something, Mark. Circle Jerks are a campaign promise we all can get behind. (Just don't go insane like Susan Sarandon, okay? Promise?) So here, in the spirit of liberal compromise, hit the jump for more of Mark (these are from the movie Thanks For Sharing, by the way)...

Bonus shelves!

1 comment:

Petey said...

OMG dat orgasm face--can't tell if he's just acting or not. I prefer the "or not" ;-)