Friday, March 18, 2016

Good Morning, World

The second season of Daredevil dropped over night and the fine internet sex sleuths of Tumblr have already gone and capped at least one of Charlie Cox's half-naked scenes -- I haven't watched any of the show yet so I have no idea if this is it (I hope this isn't it) and yes, Charlie's still cashing in those 50% off electrolysis coupons damn him. (I am waiting for the story-line where Matt Murdock bumps into Doctor Strange, who immediately casts a Hirsute Spell on him.) 

Anyway here's a Site-wide heads-up - I am going to be out of town and off-line for the next five days starting a little later today, so prepare thy-selves for that. Here's a good way to prepare thy-self for anything - hit the jump and stare at Charlie Cox in his underpants. Works for me!

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Anonymous said...

For a split second I thought or could've sworn that this was Theo James......sigh , I am so glad that everyone can be happy that we've all seen Sebastian Stan's bare butt now in the new movie The Bronze, but I really want to see Theo James do a nude scene he's in good shape and young so I don't see why not , but I know one day and hopefully soon :-) .