Monday, March 07, 2016

Good Morning, Louis Garrel

Louis Garrel is always a whisper - a sexy french whisper - away from holding center stage inside my brain, so it didn't take much push to have him there this morning... but a push I received all the same after spending last night, or at least twenty blissful minutes of last night, with him. Louis did a Q&A at the Film Society of Lincoln Center for his feature directorial debut called Two Friends, which is screening as part of their annual "Rendezvous With French Cinema" program, and lemme tell you what you ain't lived until you've heard Louis Garrel talk at length about ménage à trois in person.
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He went back and forth between French and English over the course of the talk, but is not talking about ménage there - as the caption says I have no idea what he's saying there. It was translated at the time but I don't remember. If we have any French speakers in the house, have at it in the comments.

Anyway the movie is pretty good! It's clearly a first film but he has very good influences influencing him, and there are scenes that work spectacularly well. It's definitely an "actor's film" in that it indulges the actors probably too much, but it's hard to tell where actorly self-indulgence ends and French self-indulgence begins, ya know? Anyway I posted one more adorable picture of Louis over on Instagram last night, and just because I felt like looking at it this morning if you hit the jump I will share one NSFW gif from The Dreamers because why not...

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Lucie said...

"It also made me laugh to see a guy in such a big collective action - well it's something typical from my generation - a guy whom in a big collective action did the most selfish thing possible: trying to kill himself. It realy made me laugh."

Does it make any sense with what he was talking about?