Friday, March 04, 2016

Good Morning, Garfield

Not specifically "morning" themed but I've always chuckled at that picture of John Garfield and Lana Turner in The Postman Always Rings Twice, so here on the occassion of what would have been Garfield's 103rd birthday I'm gonna post that. I've never seen the 1946 version of this movie; I've only seen the Nicholson & Lange remake -- I should probably straighten that out, huh? Any thoughts on this film, peanut gallery? 

I'm wracking my brain to remember the Garfield movie that was on TCM recently that I got caught up in for a bit but I'm coming up blank. Anyway it wasn't He Ran All the Way, Garfield's final film in 1951 with Shelley Winters (He Ran All The Way is also the title of the biography about Garfield's life, funny enough) but I'm also going to post a picture from that movie, also because it amuses me. Oh Shelley, you have every right to be nervous in the water, given all your movie drownings!


Anonymous said...

Wasn't it Jessica Lange though?

JA said...

Oh GOD shame on me, I got my Chinatown mixed up with my Postman. I will fix that, thanks Anon

Bill Carter said...

Was it the movie about the boxer? That was "They Made Me a Criminal."

Ya gotta see the original "Postman." It's magnificent, and Lana Turner in white is almost enough to make you wish you were straight.

joel65913 said...

Yes you really must see the original Postman, the newer one is grittier but so much less sexy than the original. Garfield & Lana sizzle with each other and the picture overall is head and shoulders over that trashy remake.

Not sure what TCM showed recently, though I do recall them showing his first "Four Daughters" with frequent co-star Priscilla Lane in the last couple of weeks, but they've been showing his films all morning. He never made any really bad movies though of course some are better than others. I'd recommend Dust Be My Destiny, Saturday's Children, Nobody Lives Forever, Between Two Worlds, Body and Soul, Humoresque (with Joan Crawford), Under My Skin, and probably his best film The Breaking Point (with Patricia Neal).

Rob K. said...

Agreeance w/ others: the original Postman is what you want to see, the remake w/ Lange & Nicholson wasn't very good at all. Also, the original book is great too - James M. Cain's novels are all lean and mean and a ton of fun to read.

Bill Carter said...

Six degrees: James M. Cain wrote Postman starring John Garfield who also starred in Humoresque with Joan Crawford who played Mildred Pierce which was written by James M. Cain.