Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Good Morning, Daniel Craig

I'd saved the above gif off of some Tumblr earlier this week because, even though I have posted these images of Daniel Craig in Flashbacks of a Fool here on MNPP before, I liked the way this one moved, as it were. Anyway I'd saved it for myself not realizing I was doing so just a day or two before Mr. Bond's birthday, but here we are and it's a beautiful day and that's a beautiful bum and a beautiful happy birthday day to him. 

Anyway the longstanding rumor heated up for the millionth time over the weekend that 1) Craig is done with James Bond, and 2) Idris Elba is totes taking over the role, and it's probably all hogwash, just reheated, but I'd like to say that I really hope our collective hoping makes it happen. I'd be sad to see Craig walk away (unless he's walking away like he is in that gif in which case I am never sad to watch that), especially on a weak effort like Spectre, but perhaps it's time. And as for Idris it is always time for Idris.

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