Thursday, March 03, 2016

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

you can learn from:

The Hours (2002) 

Vanessa: Virginia. 
Virginia: Leonard thinks it's the end of civilization: 
People who are invited at 4 and arrive at 2:30. 
Vanessa: Oh God. 
Virginia: Barbarians

The happiest of birthdays to Miranda Richardson today!
Somebody (Cronenberg? Lynch?) give this woman 
another kick-ass killer role, please! She rules.


Sam said...

I love her. Dance with a Stranger is an unappreciated gem.

Unknown said...

Lovely. You should add "Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life..." to the MNPP Multiples section so it would be "easier" to find these specifics post which are my very favourites. From time to time I'd come here looking for them, they're indeed full of wisdom (and comfort.) Love this blog.

Jason Adams said...

Alejandra - thanks! That's so nice!

And they are linked up over there - they're filed under "Life Lessons" which is what I originally called them. It's the very first one, with the chalkboard image :)