Monday, March 28, 2016

Chug Chug Momoa

There was a lot happening with "Actors Whose First Name Begins With The Letter J" on Instagram gratuitously speaking this weekend - James Marsden and his model friends; James Wolk took a butt-first hike; Jai Courtney's bushy beard went for a bike-ride. And then there's the star of (thirty seconds of) this weekend's big movie release, Jason Momoa aka Aquaman, who got drunk and shaved his chest and worked out a bunch.

I don't know what order those things happened in but it really does just seem like "Any Weekend In The Life Of" so it doesn't much matter. Anyway I contemplated doing one big post with all these fellas dropped together (sidenote: I would like to be in the middle of all these fellas dropped together) but I'm proud to say that instead I managed to squeeze an entire afternoon's worth of content out of it all. I am amazing. And if you hit the jump you can see several more shots of Mr. Momoa being amazing, shirtless-wise...


N.N. said...

Jason is the shit! His zero-fucks attitude and that SWAGGER (which he somehow pulls off without even a trace of self-importance) is so attractive that my panties practically fall off on their own.

dre said...

I bet he smells of man!