Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Brett Dalton Four Times


So I've been seeing and hearing rumblings of "goings on" with regards to Agents of SHIELD, about Brett here specifically, but I've fallen so behind with that show I've maybe given up? The last episode I remember seeing was the very good one telling us about Jemma's time on "the other side" but... I kind of don't care anymore? So if anybody wants to spoil it all for me, that'd be fine, is my point. I am curious, but in a detached kinda way. (pics via, thanks Mac)


Anonymous said...

OMG It has been so good!


Ward murders Coulson's gf in cold blood in the most shocking Whedony way possible (like Tarantino meets Tara's death on Buffy).

Then through a series of events, Fitz, Coulson and Ward end up on the alien planet and attempt to rescue Jemma's astro BF Mike Dexter or whatever.

Coulson kills Ward by crushing his chest with his robo hand and leaves him to die.

But in the stinger it is revealed that the evil thing on the planet that kills people/drives them insane is a gross alien slug ala Night of the Creeps which reanimates Ward's corpse and makes him a less sexy slug controlled Ward.

It sounds very out there but it's definitely some riveting stuff. Especially since it provides a shit ton of character development for the cast.

guitreehill said...

I want Brett to be freed from that shitty show. He's the only reason I endure it but it's getting harder and harder... I wish he went over to Shondaland.

Gabe said...

Don't bother ... anything that happens on this show will be largely ignored by the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe anyway, like it's just set in an alternate universe. Despite ABC's marketing hype and Marvel's insistence on forcing the Inhumans down everyone's throats, no one really cares about the Inhumans, as they are bland and boring. AoS has been getting its lowest ratings ever, and now they're even planning a spin-off, good luck to that, LOL.

Just watch the Netflix Marvel shows and Agent Carter instead; Agent Carter's 2 seasons alone is actually worth more than a half season of AoS and its annoying characters.

Nepotism said...

Agents of S.H.I.T is garbage, how can adults watch it?

Jeff Lobe said...

Marvel's TV shows have been pretty hit or miss and I blame that slithering jew monster running Marvel's TV division, Jeph Loeb (cool your jets, I'm jewish too).

AoS was shit from the get go, they told people it got better, it didn't.
Agent Carter's first season was good, season 2 has been shit thus far.
Daredevil was brilliant.
Jessica Jones was okay for the most part even though the casting choice were horrible specifically Kristin Ritter's nuanced performance as a adult sullen teenager and David Tennant's whimsical elfish rapist. Also Luke Cage being played by someone who looks EXACTLY like Kris Jenner's African American fashion accessory is...disheartening.