Monday, February 08, 2016

Which is Hotter?

Today is the 25th anniversary of the release of the marital thriller Sleeping With the Enemy, which stars Julie Roberts as a brutalized woman who tries to escape her horrible husband (Patrick Bergin) with a cute hairy dude in the country (Kevin Anderson) to no avail, until the third act gun solves everything, as it always does in these movies. Perhaps you recognized today's MNPP banner as a celebration of the fateful "three misaligned towels" scene? 

That and the forward facing cans in the cabinet are the sorts of smart little touches that you never forget, and Enemy is pretty full of them, for the trash that it is. The old lady on the bus with the apples! The horrific "Brown Eyed Girl" costume change scene (obviously aping the similar fashion sequence in Pretty Woman)! 

Really, why do I remember so much of this movie so well? Anyway as monstrous as Patrick Bergin's character is I hope you won't judge me (oh, go ahead and judge me) when I admit I always found his... intensity... a little sexy? Whatever, judge me, I deserve judging. But let's hear from you first...

And keep them towels straight, kids.


Yummy Pizza said...

If I judged I'd be all kinds of hypocrite! If it was consensual I'd be under that spell. As it is, however, you just want him to die die die and my god do I love this movie. It might be trash but it's delicious trash, you know?

Petey said...

Kevin Anderson was so hot in that movie--he's still hot today despite his age, with a full head of hair, and I guess all down below, yum. He's mostly active in theater nowadays though, what a shame.

Anonymous said...

Is this movie trash or is it actually just a really well-made thriller? And with a charismatic star at its center, too. I love how Roberts can be tough but vulnerable at the exact same time (although in much of this she just seems so vulnerable).

Anonymous said...

Oh, and yes, I recognized the three towels in the banner right away and I haven't seen the movie in probably over ten years.