Friday, February 19, 2016

Tom Hiddleston's Good Night

I didn't realize this had snuck up on us already -- apparently director Susanne Bier's John le Carré adaptation The Night Manager, starring the kick-ass cast of (deep breath) Tom Hiddleston, Olivia Colman, Russell Tovey, Elizabeth Debicki, Tom Hollander (yay) and Hugh Laurie, amongst others, starts airing on the BBC this weekend. 

The first two episodes premiered at Berlinale the other day to what seems to be, at quick glance, good notices. The show will air here in the US come April on AMC (not that I'll be waiting that long). These two pictures above of Tom & Russell (via) certainly seem promising, as does this shot from the trailer...

The plot is described thusly: "A night manager of a European hotel is recruited by intelligence agents to infiltrate an international arms dealer's network." You know, as happens. Anyway I am fully infatuated with every single person in that cast and Bier's a wonderful director, so this sounds like must-watch TV.


Pannyxeos said...

Speaking of Russell Tovey, have you seen the pics from The Pass? The movie based on the play he was in where he plays a closeted footballer. The pictures from the play are pretty hot too. Both him and Arinze Kene.

Bill Carter said...

Russell Tovey is only in the first episode.