Monday, February 15, 2016

Re-Dern of the Jedi

Now this is the sort of news you want every Monday morning to be met with -- THR just announced that Laura Dern - LAURA EFFING DERN - has just joined the cast of the next Star Wars movie! (Also Benicio Del Toro, but whatever, LAURA EFFING DERN.) This is the one that Brick director Rian Johnson's directing, the proper Episode VIII, the one following the story of The Force Awakens. (They've opened up the franchise so much I feel the need to specify.)

Anyway I am sure she'll be under-used, but since the only way I'd be truly satisfied in my Dern-needs is if the entire film is a small space drama about her crying and screaming, crying and screaming, I know better than to keep that old hope alive. But some DERN is DERN all the same, and DERN is LIFE.

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Anonymous said...

She's in 4 TV series and 6 movies (so far and it's on February) this year. I understand the Oscar nomination last year made her hot again but she's going to work herself into an early grave at this point. Is she broke? How is she even fitting all these projects into her schedule?