Friday, February 12, 2016

Love Is a Four Letter Word

Happy Valentines Weekend, everybody! 

I assume that many of you have been, like me, suckered into seeing Deadpool with promises of great humor and Reynolds' dick, so if you do go ahead and say what you thought in these here comments. I maybe haven't bought my tickets yet, and I have a couple of incredible repertory screenings to go to -- I am seeing Erich Von Stroheim's Greed tonight and Cocteau's Beauty and the Beast on Sunday! -- but I fully intend to go at some point. Such is the lure of celebrity spandex pegging.

And don't forget: spread love, not herpes!


Pierce said...

I saw Greed about 30 years ago. It's marvelous, but very dreary and depressing. I hope you like La Belle et La Bete. It's brilliant!

Row-bin said...

I really liked Deadpool and I'm not a superhero person by any means. I don't know if it was as amazing as critics are making it out to be, but the marketing campaign did the movie justice and it was shot and performed beautifully. Lots of laughs not spoiled by the commercials and the post-credits scene is awesome. Plus Leslie Uggams is in it and there's a Bernadette Peters reference which is just weird and awesome as hell.

Uncle Mike said...

Not the bestest movie in the world, but well worth the time and money. Hubby and I agreed we hadn't laughed so hard in a long time. Nice Reynolds ass. And torso. The opening credits set a perfectly hilarious tone, the violence is strong, and the quips are quippy. And, yeah, stay for the post-credits tag at the end.


Aquinas1220 said...

I'm one of the few people who seems to have hated the film. It's a typical Ryan Reynolds movie (him making glib wise cracks and over-acting). The jokey self-aware vibe grew really old really fast for me. The worst part is that there was very little by way of interesting plot or even interesting characters (the villain is hot as hell... who IS that??). Also, despite the article making the rounds praising the movie in regards to the "rise of heteroflexibility", I found the winky gay stuff not so much heteroflexible as frat boy humor. *shrugs* Just me though... the hubby liked it a lot and so did everyone else in the theater.