Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Le Belle Femme Skunk Fatale

The 1942 film Now, Voyager was on TCM this weekend and I've seen it before but I watched a little bit, as one does whenever Bette Davis is on television, and I don't know what it was (probably the up-do she wears once she sexes herself up) but for some insane reason I couldn't stop thinking about the Looney Tunes cat that Pepé Le Pew always mistakes for another skunk.

(It turns out that cat's name is Penelope Pussycat, and I dare you to google her and gape in horror at all of the pornographic drawings she's inspired - the internet is weird, you guys.)

Actually now that I put two and two together my boyfriend had said something earlier that same night about Casablanca & Now Voyager actor Paul Henreid being the inspiration for Pepé Le Pew, which was clearly incorrect -- he was probably thinking of the actor Maurice Chevalier, who was long rumored to be the inspiration (which Chuck Jones disputes, and he should know, since he created Pepe le Pew). 

Point being I was drunk, and now you have to deal with this poll.



Pierce said...

While All About Eve is my very favorite movie of all time, I think Now Voyager is Bette Davis' all-time best performance. I used to tell the students in my acting classes that they should watch Now Voyager, Jezebel, Dark Victory and Mr. Skeffington to get a full range of versatility in acting, because I think she shows great range in those four performances.

padric said...

Pepe le Pew has always reminded me of Charles Boyer, actually.