Thursday, February 11, 2016

Just How Hardcore Is Henry Anyway

You guys have no idea (okay maybe you have some idea) how excited I was when I pressed play on the first trailer for Hardcore Henry -- the upcoming first-person action-movie starring Sharlto Copley -- and basically the first shot was bulge.

And the third shot was bulge. 
And the fifth shot...

... was bulge. So much Sharlto Copley bulge, I thought! This is precisely what I was hoping for when I pressed play -- all of my wildest dreams were coming to fruition. And then...

... Sharlto Copley showed up, on-screen, and I realized that I wasn't looking at Sharlto Copley's bulge at all! Mystery bulge! Turns out I was totally wrong about Sharlto playing the "Henry" of the title - thing is, IMDb doesn't list who it is playing the lead POV role. It really is a mystery bulge! The Playlist says that Sharlto is playing "mysterious British fellow called Jimmy" who aids Mystery Mr. Hardcore Henry on his quest, so at least I'll get to look at Sharlto, I guess. Not his bulge though. It's a real Sophie's Choice.

Anyway, you guys gotta watch this trailer:

It makes this movie look SO MUCH BETTER than I was anticipating it to look. The whole "first person" thing felt like a terrible gimmick when I first read about it but some of those shots in there are just mind-blowing spectacle. I can't wait to see this come April.


Anonymous said...

A homophobic Russian film with bulge shots? Color me shocked. Apparently Russians have a need to spread their homophobia globally now.

EdmondWA said...

I hear it was Tim Roth.