Thursday, February 25, 2016

I'm Not So In Love With Ya, Honey

I'm an episode behind on Vinyl and already I'm not sure I want to keep watching it - when the premiere wasn't boring me it was indulging in straight-white antihero antics that I'm frankly pretty tired of at this point in television's "golden age." (I mean I hated the ending, with Cannavale's character stumbling unscathed out from that building collapse - the show seemed too concerned with his "revelation" to even spend a second on the horror around him, except to make it kind of pretty.) But that said I do know Bobby gets his dick out on this week's episode so... maybe I'll catch up.

On the good side I did love Juno Temple (of course your mileage may vary since I usually always love Juno Temple and I know she's divisive) and the soundtrack's a lot of fun, which is why I'm even posting about it right now (okay Bobby Cannavale's dick is also a reason) -- anyway I guess there's a new Neko Case song on it, either this week or next; a cover of the Anne Murray classic "Danny's Song" of all things!!! WTF. And it's already shown up online - you can listen to it here:



Adam said...

That '70s bush though... Kudos for the authenticity.

pony said...

I had some reservations too, but the second episode was waaaaay better. I guess I'll have to keep watching..