Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I Wanna Run To You, Ooh Hoo

Every time I see the trailer for Race, the Jesse Owens bio-pic that's out this weekend and which stars Selma actor Stephan James (he played the recently-in-the-news Civil Rights hero John Lewis) as the Olympian, it gets to the scene where the racist white douche-bros don't want to shower with James and his friend and I'm like...

... wha????? There are lots of (admittedly bigger and better) reasons why (I hope) racism is doomed to failure but the inherent denial of gorgeousness like this is just a real crime, I tell ya what. If you can't see why showering with those two is a goddamned gift then you will lose. Full stop.

It's all so simple when put that way. Anyway here's a new promo for the movie that aims to introduce Jesse Owens to today's audience -- I would say "Everybody knows who Jesse Owens was!" but then I remember I am surrounded by a country of Neanderthals (not you guys, of course, just... people) and think better.


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