Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Happy Hiddles Day

I didn't intend for MNPP to turn into MNTH today but here we are crafting a third Tom post in a row, following this morning's new High-Rise trailer -- but see, only after I posted those did I notice today is actually Tom's 35th birthday! How appropriate to give us him in his birthday suit, then. Anyway I figured I'd take a look back and figure out, since we're clearly a bit fixated on him these days, how it came to be. What was...

The Moment I Fell For... Tom Hiddleston

I liked Tom from the start; obviously he was great as Loki in the first Thor, and I found him a delight as F. Scott Fitzgerald in Woody Allen's Midnight In Paris

But I wouldn't say I "fell for" him that early. So I went through our Hiddles-archives trying to pin-point the exact moment a general warm feeling spread from my heart outwards (southwards) and I think I found it! I saw a panel at New York ComiCon in 2011 for The Avengers and blogged about it - the crowd went absolutely ape-shit for Tom Hiddleston while kinda sorta ignoring Chris Evans...

... which at the time made very little sense to me, but I think it sort of clicked the, "Well, wait a minute..." thought process into gear. After that the ball was rolling down the mountain, the sexy mountain, picking up steam as it went, and here we are today. (As for Chris I don't think he should worry - the Captain America films have been much better than the Thor movies, and he's soundly kicking Tom's cute butt in today's towel-off poll.)

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