Friday, February 12, 2016

Good Morning, World

Anybody remember the 1993 married spy comedy Undercover Blues with Kathleen Turner and Dennis Quaid? Yeah I don't blame you if you don't -- I'd completely forgotten that it existed until I just saw that it was recently dropped onto blu-ray, for some reason. I guess the world was clamoring for the entire Herbert Ross oeuvre in crystal clear high definition? (Give me Steel Magnolias or give me death.)

Anyway I couldn't remember what the movie was so I googled it and was reminded of blah blah story whatever as well as oh yeah this was some prime Dennis Quaid time. For the record, prime Dennis Quaid time has been going on for forty years and still hasn't passed, but still. There are levels, and 1993 was a good 'un.

And a bonus -- as I went through the movie to cap these scenes of Prime Dennis, I discovered that the movie co-starred Youngish Stanley Tucci, who was always playing a greasy sleazeball type in the 90s, but with a certain furry greasy sex appeal to it, and there's an extensive scene where Tucci gets trapped in an alligator pen at the zoo (of course) and Dennis Quaid forces him to strip off his clothes (of course).

So I capped that as well (of course).
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Peggy Sue said...

OH MY GOD! This movie triggered my Stanley Tucci obsession/fetish

JS said...

Your wish is Twilight Time's command! (Unless you already have this, and I misread the post)

CongoCongaCam said...

The Big Easy is my DQ go to...humina squared

creamycamper said...

I was a kid when this came out but I LOVED it. I was such a weird kid. "My Muerte...Death!" "Oh hi, Morty" LOL

Joey said...

I will never apologize for thinking that Stanley Tucci is hot. I'd let him treat me like utter crap.