Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Good Morning, Jason Ritter

A very happy 36th birthday to the actor Jason Ritter today, who we like very much and wish we saw more of. It's not that he doesn't work, he works constantly, but I always seem to miss what he's in.

These gifs are from some 2014 movie called Always Woodstock that I'd never heard of until I went looking for Shirtless Jason Ritter Scenes this morning for this post - it apparently co-starred James Wolk! But clearly they don't make out in it because I would have heard about that.

I actually met Jason once (which means we're on a first name basis, duh) alongside his darlin' Melanie Lynskey, and they were just as sweet and awesome as you'd think Melanie Lynskey and Jason Ritter would be. FBFFs. Anyway a happy birthday to him and hit the jump for several more of this sort (with a bonus at the end from a different movie that you won't wanna miss)...

And the below gifs are from a 2007 movie 
called The Education of Charlie Banks:

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