Thursday, February 11, 2016

Good Morning, Gratuitous Burt Reynolds

When we posted that awesome old magazine cover with Burt Reynolds on it last week we should have checked to see if his birthday was coming up so something proper could've been done -- alas, disorganization is my middle name. (It's spelled like "Andrew" but it's pronounced like "Disorganization.") Because here we are and Burt is turning 80 today! He was in the news some last fall since he put out his autobiography But Enough About Me -- did anybody read it? Any good gossip? Did he cornhole Jerry Reed in an outhouse on the set of Smokey and the Bandit II or what?

That clip is from a 1968 TV movie called Fade-In (aka Iron Cowboy, which is a much better title), which IMDB says is about "a sophisticated Hollywood film editor, on location for a film she is working on, [who] falls for a local cowboy who is hired to work on the film."You can just hear the sneer in the way they say "sophisticated" -- Burt Reynolds built a career on sneering at that word. But it was fun, sometimes! And sexy sometimes, too.

That's a delightful poster. I would so hang that on my wall. Anyway we've done several gratuitous post for Burt before -- click here for one, click here for another -- but we managed this morning to dig up a few new pictures. (Is two dozen a few?) So hit the jump and luxuriate in Burt...


Pierce said...

I read Burt Reynolds' autobiography and he does not dish dirt. His book is very much like Frank Langella's book. He writes about the people in his life and is very kind to them, even Loni Anderson. I really enjoyed it and gained a lot of respect for him. He's grateful for the career he's had and reflects nicely. He also says that Sally Field was the love of his life. It's quite a good read.

FoxVerde said...

i liked the book. the title says it all though "enough about me" so he talks about everybody else, like his good friend bette davis.
he talks about rock hudson being real cheap and stealing from fans, and he did mention that he never liked loni anderson she kinda pushed herself onto him and then took all of his money and made him sell his art/memerobelia to pay that ugly slut. that bitch took him for everything. what a bitch!

Harsh Mattress said...

Young (ie hot) Burt Reynolds looks like he could be young (ie hot) Marlon Brando's manlier half brother. Just a shame Burt and Marlon didn't follow Jimmy Dean's example and die while they were still young and beautiful, now their legendary handsomeness will forever be tainted with mental images of a giant fat pig glistening with stinky sweat while wearing a muumuu and a skeleton covered in loose skin wearing a bolo tie. :/