Thursday, January 14, 2016

We Are All Weiner Dog

I don't know how I missed this until just now but my favorite movie folks in New York, the Film Society of Lincoln Center, are doing a 20th anniversary screening of quite possibly my favorite movie of all time Welcome to the Dollhouse tonight! TONIGHT! And Todd Solondz will be there doing a Q&A! There would be far fewer exclamation points here if I hadn't managed to score tickets, by the way, so don't worry - I will be there. I do wish I could've had enough time to throw together some Ginger Friedman cosplay though.

"We fingah fucked. Once. Last Spring."

The film actually premiered at the Toronto fest in 1995 and then played Sundance in January 1996; it came out properly in New York in March of that year. Point being I'm never quite sure which date to properly call its anniversary. But this will do!


Anonymous said...

Why did Heather Matarazzo not return as Dawn for the new Todd Solondz movie? Is there friction between the two or did she not want to play the role or was she considered not enough of a name? Anyone know?

JA said...

Todd Solondz has talked about it before -- he has been trying to get her to re-play the role for many many many years and she has refused him every time. I don't think he's ever really said specifically why but my guess is she's not super keen on being strictly identified with the role. It had to be tough on her!

Anyway I think he probably stopped asking eventually, and then he "killed" Dawn off in Palindromes.

Anonymous said...

Oh I see. I used to follow her on Facebook on an old account and she seemed more interested in producing than acting. She hasn't done anything big since those two movies with Anne Hathaway and a couple of guest spots on Grey's Anatomy.