Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Coop Scoop

I've really got to get a handle on Dominic Cooper the schedule for Agent Carter - I totally forgot it was on last night. Tuesdays, Jason! Tuesdays, Tuesdays! Anyway I have not seen last night's episode but I have seen the clip re-introducing Howard Stark the second best possible way to re-introduce any character played by Dominic Cooper, aka half-naked. (The first best possible way to introduce any character played by Dominic Cooper involves the other half being the naked part, obviously.) Anyway nobody ruin anything and in exchange you can hit the jump for a several gifs. Deal? Deal...


shawnp said...


Stark and Jarvis get drunk and do it.

wait, that was just a tumblr fantasy.

Dougie said...

Is that hair on his chest? Always thought he was a twink ... maybe he shaves or waxes? If he does, he should stop and let his chest hair grow, as he'll be so much hotter with it.