Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Original Hipsters

Back in 2009 it was announced that Eliza Dushku - why I yes I do mean "Faith" from Buffy the Vampire Slayer - was producing a movie about the controversial photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, and that the movie was going to star her brother Nate. Seeing as how seven years have passed and we never saw that movie I think it's safe to assume they hit a snag, and guessing by today's news, that the film is happening and it will star Dr. Who star Matt Smith instead, I am guessing the snag was casting. Poor Nate! I wouldn't want to be sitting at the Dushku table this Thanksgiving. 

Also probably pissed off is James Franco, who was clearly angling for the gig for awhile, too. Poor James Franco. And adding an extra level of "Hmmmmmm" to the project, Girls star Zosia Mamet is playing Mapplethorpe's great friend, singer Patti Smith, whose recent memoir Just Kids detailing their relationship was a great big success. Hmmmmmm....

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homeslaughter said...

Zosia is a great choice.