Friday, January 22, 2016

Never Take Your Eyes Off Zac Efron

For a hot second I thought that maybe I'd be getting a break from scavenging pictures of Zac Efron's half-naked body off the internet now that Dirty Grandpa was out in theaters - it's been a pleasure, mind you, but kind of exhausting, the keeping up with it all! Yes there was still Neighbors 2 coming, and after that the movie Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, which had him running around in a wrestling singlet, but I thought maybe MNPP could post somebody else now and then?

But Zac will not be denied!!! He's gearing up to shoot Baywatch now, which I'd forgotten about, and surely the deluge via that beach baby will be immense. I mean, it hasn't even begun filming yet but paps just managed to catch Zac training at some pool... however did they find him? Hmm I wonder. Anyway hit the jump for a dozen plus more shots like these here...

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jim said...

Did you see Zac on "Ellen" the other day? In black leather pants!!! And he even did a Lap Dance for her. Seems like a waste of a perfectly perfect Lap Dance!!