Thursday, January 21, 2016

Magic Mom XXL

As if getting to go home to Chris Pratt isn't enough for her, Anna Faris has gone and gotten Joe Manganiello to play a love interest for her character on her sitcom Mom. EW has the first picture of him on the show (thanks Mac); since he's wearing clothes I decided to use this picture from his routine in Magic Mike XXL though. I'm sure you're okay with that.

Anyway I never made it past the first couple episodes of Mom, despite my adoration of Anna and Allison Janney, because of that damn laugh track overwhelmed every joke, but I have heard the show's actually pretty funny now? Y'all let me know if Joe busts out some stripper moves and I'll do my best, somehow, to see for myself.

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Anonymous said...

lmfao he's reduced to guest bits on sitcoms now? Can't even get a part in a superhero movie with that roid bod? C'mon man.