Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Jamie Dornan Six Times

Thanks to an Anonymous commenter for alerting us to the news that the above new picture from Jamie Dornan's greatest photo-shoot has entered the world borne upon on a rainbow of happiness - we've previously posted shots from this, the greatest Jamie Dornan photo-shoot, right here and right here and right here. Actually, it's a shame I've got them spread out so thinly, isn't it? Let's right that -- hit the jump and I'll share all the pictures we have from this, Jamie Dornan's greatest photo-shoot (PS it is very much not safe for work)...

(pics via)
ETA and then there's this one, although we've never gotten a better copy of it than this one someone took a photo of the book it's in:



Anonymous said...

You really should put the warnings somewhere in the titel, because I just scrolled through the Pictures. AT WORK. *sigh*
And I'm not even a big Jamie Dornan fan.

Suchaspapi said...

Great pictures
Anonymous person, STFUP