Tuesday, January 05, 2016

I'm Chris Hemsworth Hear Me Roar

Jon Snow and Crank Dude weren't the only two hot people spending their ho ho holidays at the beach -- Mr. Thor himself slipped off his city caftan and did some sandy romping too. (pics via) His brothers were around as well, although not snapped on the beach with him, you know, oiling themselves and wrestling in the surf, like brothers do, but if you hit the jump there's lots more pics of Chris and a few of Liam fully bearded and beautiful...

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MTMSLG said...

Oy! Board shorts! A body like that and the best he can do is board shorts? I'm not asking for skimpy speedos (well, maybe . . . ) but if this god a man can't muster the courage to wear something more flattering than board shorts, what are the rest of us mortal men supposed to wear at the beach? Burkas?