Monday, January 11, 2016

Great Moments In Movie Shelves #49

"Where's your flat screen?"

"Malcom X once said, 'The best way to hide something 
from Negroes is to put it in a book.'"

"Well... I can dig it, Miss Ellen. 
You sure got mad books."

"Books are my life. My life for books."


Kelley Bradley said...

I was surprised how much I liked this film. love the part where they cited the cowardly lions's speech from Wizard of Oz. "What have we got.....DICK"

JA said...

I watched it this weekend and LOVED it too. I will hopefully write a proper review but it is FANTASTIC

Scot said...

Hey, have you shown the shelves from The Giver? Those are some great shelves. I also really liked that movie.